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About Motson Graphics

Providing precise high quality printing and painting for a variety of specialized and conventional applications.

Motson Graphics Inc was founded in Philadelphia in 1928 as the J. Frank Motson Company. In its early days it was a conventional offset printer serving the center city area. Before many years, however, it shifted its business to less conventional printing. It began printing the menus and labels for the Horn and Hardhart Automat, glass plates for Bell Telephone phone booths, and dials on glass for Philco radios.

In 1951 the company moved to its current location in Flourtown, PA. Here we began screen printing, which proved to be much more versatile for printing on objects than printing with a press. We also added chemical engineering expertise, which allowed us to tackle challenges in ink adhesion and chemical resistance to adapt our products to a wider variety of applications. In the 1960's and 70's we added specialty painting and worked on a variety of esoteric printing problems. We printed special patterns on the nose cones of the early space probes for General Electric, clock faces on glass for Ford cars, TV front panels for Philco, and conductive coatings on the inside of long tubes used in fuel gages, made by Simmonds, for the early jet airplanes.

In the 80's and 90's we found applications in the medical industry, in addition to more applications in the aerospace and general industrial manufacturing. We printed conductive inks for antennas for RCA, radiation beam sensors for Varian, and actuators for Dyno Noble. We also developed inks which would meet demanding FDA requirements, printing on a variety of substrates for Siemens Medical, Synthes, and Becton Dickenson.

In 2003 we changed our name to Motson Graphics, Inc and a year later acquired the Gentape product line of unique instrumentation tape used extensively in aircraft instruments. This product line complemented the extensive work we were already doing in aircraft instrumentation for Ametek , Boeing, Tinker AFB, Lockheed, and the DLA.

Today Motson continues to provide precise high quality printing and painting for a variety of specialized and conventional applications. We also still thrive on tackling the challenges of unusual printing and finishing requirements. With in-house chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineering expertise we can find unique solutions to both new and old problems.

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